Mold/Mildew in an Apartment
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Mold/Mildew in an Apartment

North Oak Property Management would like to share a bit of advice to all of our clients and tenants. If you or your tenants experience mildew/mold in the respective unit, the occupant should immediately contact the on-site manager (if applicable) or the property management company. Mildew/mold is usually present in the bathrooms due to a number of situations including but not limited to; poor cleaning practices, poor ventilation, etc. Even with proper ventilation, it is important to clean the entire bathroom often. To stop the growth of mildew/mold, both the property management and the tenant need to act as a team.

North Oak property management is bringing this to your attention due to a situation that occurred in an apartment which we recently took over from another property management firm. They had prior knowledge of a mildew issue for an entire week and yet did nothing to repair it.¬† Upon North Oak Property Management’s receiving information about the issue that was at hand, we immediately contacted the tenant to schedule the unit for remediation in conjunction with repairing the ventilation issue.

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