Keeping Vacancies Down at your Multi Family, and commercial properties
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Keeping Vacancies Down at your Multi Family, and commercial properties





There are a couple practices which North Oak Property Management employ in order to keep our vacancies as low as possible. The first is making sure your prices are correct for the market. Times are different now and prospective tenants are savy in what they are  looking for. The following addition simple tips will help you rent units faster.

1.  Create a market survey in order to set your price in line with other properties in your immediate area.

2.  If there are any upgrades you have done to the unit, make sure in your add to list them (if possible). Pictures are a must.

3.  Any improvements (re-landscaping, installing new flooring in the lobby, installing a gym, etc.) you have been putting off at the project should be completed prior to the vacant unit becoming available.

4. Start advertising early. Even if it is not Vacant yet advertising prior to the tenant vacating is a great way to find out if you are high on the market.

5. Have Big signs, banners, whatever you need to catch the prospective tenants attention to what you have to offer (i.e. move in specials, upgraded units, etc.).

These are just a few of the items North Oak Property Management employ to rent units faster.

North Oak property management serves the greater Los Angeles area including the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Inglewood, and Ventura County since 1984. For more information visit, or call us at 818-715-0575