Commercial Services
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Commercial Services

Our leases are one of the most comprehensive that you will find out in the field today. The priority of our leases is to:

Protect your asset

Maximize your return on your investment. Make sure tenants have a lease that clearly outline their responsibilities so there is never any question as to what the tenant committed to.

Whether your commercial property is a single/multi-tenant office building or a shopping center, let North Oak Property Management’s experience in these types of properties help to improve your bottom line. At your direction, we can assist you or handle directly in reviewing and negotiating leases and cam charges, budgeting and controlling expenses, maximizing rent collections, supervising vendor negotiations, supervising your property and the on-site staff, and preparing detailed monthly reports. It is our responsibility to make every aspect of your commercial property a profit center. To make this happen, experience has shown us that the successful property manager must combine state-of-the-art technology with hands-on management. Here at North Oak, the only goal we have is to make your property successful.

Some exclusive items from North Oak Property Management to help in making your property a more profitable asset are our Leases, Cam Reconciliation program designed by North Oak Property Management, and our business relationships with many top notch vendors at a rock bottom prices.

CAM Reconciliation

Our Common Area Maintenance reconciliation program which was designed by North Oak Property Management to insure proper CAM charges are collected before and after the year end reconciliation. This important tool provides accurate cost analysis for your property down to the penny.