Real Estate Industry Needs Your Help!
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Real Estate Industry Needs Your Help!

Real Estate Industry Needs Your Help!

Please read this important message from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). North Oak property management agrees with IREM’s views on this issue and asks for you to submit a letter to your local senator in order to insure this measure does not pass. Please take a second and read through this informative message.


Please help us oppose this bill carried on behalf of SEIU that poses a major threat to your business. AB 350 (Jose Solorio; D-Santa Ana) in the California Legislature would expand existing law requiring janitorial contractors to retain employees who were employed at the site by the previous contractor for at least 60 days to a number of services utilized by building owners, including security, building maintenance, landscaping, and window cleaning, and extend the time period of retention to 90 days.

Please contact your local Senators and ask them to oppose this measure.
Why to Oppose:
The state should not make individual employment decisions for our industry.

It ties management’s hands forcing it to retain workers from a previous employer, and undermines California’s at-will employment presumption.It obstructs the property manager’s fiduciary to their client, by undermining the competitive bidding process. The original employees must be retained at their current pay grade and benefits for at least 90 days.

It ensures that the incumbent union will remain the bargaining representative under the “successor employer” doctrine – regardless of whether the successor employer has a collective bargaining agreement or not.

The decision to unionize a business should be made following the procedures outlined in the National Labor Relations Act, and not forced on either party, employer or employee, through such legislation.

A sample letter as well as a link to find your local Senators can be found here, If you do not feel comfortable listing your company in the signature block, use “IREM – Los Angeles” instead.

This is bad policy that is targeting you and your properties. Help say “no” to this policy that will take away your rights as an employer and force hiring decisions upon you.”

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