Attention Landlord’s: California Apartment Assoc. & North Oak requests your assistance!
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Attention Landlord’s: California Apartment Assoc. & North Oak requests your assistance!

Attention Landlord’s: California Apartment Assoc. & North Oak requests your assistance!

The following exert was taken from a CAA (California Apartment Association) email. North Oak urges all Landlords to send a letter to its council members.

Action Alert:
LA City Council to Decide on 50/50 Split of Inspection Fees

As you may know, Los Angeles rental property owners are allowed to pass through 100% of the City of LA’s Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) Inspection Fees to residents.  The fee is currently $35.52 per unit per year and is proposed to increased to $43.32 per unit per year beginning January 1, 2012.

This Tuesday, October 25th at 10:00 AM at City Hall Room 340, LA City Councilmember Richard Alarcon will propose splitting the SCEP fee 50/50 to both rental housing owners and residents. CAA-LA opposes the 50/50 split of the SCEP fees for the following reasons:

  • Most rental property owners in Los Angeles are small landlords.  The 2009 Economic Roundtable report on the Rent Stabilization Ordinance found that “52 percent of all rental property owners in the City of Los Angeles own 2 to 4 units.”
  • The 2009 Economic Roundtable report did not recommend splitting the SCEP fee between landlord and tenants.
  • Currently, RSO owners are facing increases in water and sewer rates, trash fees, insurance fees and maintenance costs.  Another fee increase will harm owners who are providing affordable housing in Los Angeles.
  • Implementing a split of the SCEP fee only will harm owners who are working to maintain and preserve LA’s housing stock.

Please contact the LA City Concil and tell them to vote NO on the 50/50 split. Your calls, e-mails and letters have a tremendous impact. For a map of LA City Council Districts click here.

Paul Krekorian, District 2    (213) 473-7002
Dennis Zine, District 3        (213) 473-7003
Tom LaBonge, District 4     (213) 473-7004
Paul Koretz, District 5        (213) 473-7005
Tony Cardenas, District 6   (213) 473-7006
Bernard Parks, District 8    (213) 473-7008
Jan Perry, District 9           (213) 473-7009
Herb Wesson, District 10   (213) 473-7010
Mitch Englander, District 12 (213) 473-7012
Eric Garcetti, District 13     (213) 473-7013
Jose Huizar, District 14      (213) 473-7014


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